Teacher Appreciation Spirit Week

Calling all Griffins! Teacher Appreciation Week is next week –May 4-May 8.  We are hoping to create an amazing virtual experience for our teachers so they know how much we truly appreciate them! Let’s show our teachers how much we love them by participating in this week’s activities and Spirit Week! We invite our families to participate in any of the ideas below.

Monday:  There’s no such thing as Monday blues when we have you! Have your students share a reason their teacher makes them happy by sending a Schoology message or email to them. What makes your student excited to go to school every day? They can post a comment, take pictures, or make a video! If your child would like to share their video, picture, or comment, please submit to http://bit.ly/qms-video.

Spirit Wear: Wear something blue!

Tuesday: Dress up as your favorite movie, book, or video game character! Take a picture and submit it to http://bit.ly/qms-video, and we can post it on Twitter!

Wednesday:  CHALK IT UP to having the best teacher ever! Decorate your sidewalks and driveways with messages for your teachers. Take a picture of the finished product with your student and submit it to http://bit.ly/qms-video, and we can post it on Twitter!

Spirit Wear: Workout Wednesday! Wear your favorite workout clothing and focus on your mental health by taking a walk today!

Thursday:  GIF THEM A HAND!  Have your student post a funny GIF or design their own and submit them to http://bit.ly/qms-video to make their teacher smile.

Spirit Wear: Pajama Day!

Friday: LAST CHANCE! If you haven’t done so already this week, please consider sending your teachers a reason they’ve made you smile this year.

Spirit Wear: Show your school spirit by wearing blue and gold! Submit pictures to http://bit.ly/qms-video, and we can post it on Twitter!

Thank you for participating and showing your appreciation to our Quioccasin teachers next week. I know they will be thrilled to have this virtual experience and Spirit Week with their students!

Go Griffins!