School Counseling Virtual Mental Health Spirit Week

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? This month is dedicated to helping raise awareness about mental health issues, to promote good mental health practices, and encourage people to support others around them.

This week, May 11th – May 15th, the school counseling department is holding its Virtual Mental Health Spirit Week. QMS students and staff are invited to participate in fun activities while also helping them to recognize the impact of healthy lifestyle practices and good self-care. Daily-themed Padlets are designed for students to post pictures and videos to help them feel better, but also to see how and what others in the QMS family are doing. The themes are as follow:

  • MISS YOU! Monday: Students will send a picture of themselves holding a sign that shows how much they miss their friends and teachers.
  • Show Us Your Talent Tuesday:  Students send a picture of themselves playing an instrument, singing, playing sports, dancing, or display any other talent they possess.
  • Griffin Wednesday:  Students will show their school pride by rockin’ their BLUE and GOLD!
  • Thoughtful Thursday:  Let us know what you did to make someone’s day better
  • Friend Friday:  Share a picture from your phone of you and a friend that you miss.

Bonus – Mental Health Awareness Month:  Take a picture of yourself wearing GREEN, the color of this Awareness Month.

  • In addition to these activities, there are numerous resources for students to review in the newly launched “Counselor’s Corner” in Schoology. Thank you for participating and showing your support in recognition of the benefits of overall mental health and wellness.