Laptop Update Needed for Virtual Learning


QMS Students and Families,

The majority of our student laptops have been off the HCPS network for almost 6 months.   This has prevented the student laptops from receiving updates from the HCPS network that are necessary.  While many student laptops have had the camera activated in the last month or so, the updates the laptops needed to receive did not apply due to the length of time needed to complete (~20 minutes).

HCPS is asking secondary students to bring their laptops with them when they come back to the school for any ‘opening of school’ drive-up type of event, etc…  In addition, if a student cannot perform this update (CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS) this week or next, we ask them to do it at their earliest convenience after the start of school.

FYI — This update does not require you to get out of your vehicle.

Students will just need to:

  • Get in close proximity to the school building (anytime between 8AM and 7PM)

  • Log into their laptop

  • Connect to WIFI at the school (2  out of 4 bars is sufficient signal strength; 3 to 4 bars is best if possible)

  • Follow the attached instructions  (~20 minutes)

While it is understandable that this is very inconvenient to families and students, HCPS would not be requesting families/students to do this unless it was necessary.  This only applies to secondary students with Dell laptops.

For any issues or concerns, please email